Why Waste Money on SEO Professionals When You Can Do It Yourself

Why should you waste money hiring SEO professionals to boost the ranking of your website when you can do it yourself for a lower price with the help of SEO Powersuite?

I say this from experience as I had faced the same dilemma when I entrusted my website’s optimizing job to various SEO gurus, only to be dismayed. I was finally able to achieve my goal with the help of SEO Powersuite, which cost me less than $300… much less than what the professionals took.

I want you to achieve your dream of ranking your site to the top of search engine results page. Therefore, read my SEO Powersuite software review carefully.


Multi-feature Program

The SEO Powersuite contains multiple programs available as a single bundle. They include:

• Seo Spyglass
• Link Assistant
• Rank Tracker
• Link Assistant

Put together they form a formidable arsenal that will help you push your website to the top of the SERPs.


Rank Tracker

The SEO Powersuite rank tracker allows you to conduct limitless rank tracking along with unparalled keyword research and analysis.


Website Auditor

The amazing SEO Powersuite website auditor conducts a comprehensive auditing of your site and provides you with detailed on-page analysis as well as optimization.


SEO Spyglass

If you go through the SEO Spyglass tutorial, you will realize how you can use it easily to research your backlinks right down to the domain and IP level. It also shows you the progress of your backlinks and weed out negative ones.

Perhaps, this is why SEO centric websites contain thousands of positive SEO Spyglass review. The SEO Powersuite buzzbundle is the leader for taking advantage of traffic from social networks, forums, and blogs.


Available for Both Platforms

As this miraculous application is available for both Windows and Mac operating system, individuals who use the latter operating system should select SEO Powersuite Mac before completing the purchasing process by navigating to the software download page and clicking on the download link.

I nearly forgot to talk about the keyword research module, which allows you to spy on your competitor’s website and find what keywords he is employing on his website to achieve higher rankings, and use the same on your site.


Version As Per Your Requirement

Although I suggest that you use the professional version, which is sufficient for promoting your website, I had to purchase and download the enterprise version of SEO Powersuite, as it allows me to conduct unlimited number of campaigns, and contains the Spyglass enterprise module as well.

The online tutorial will teach you how to use and master it in a couple of days. The user-friendly screens and the easy learning curve makes SEO Powersuite the best website optimization tool available. In fact, the professional I had initially called were using the same program, but it seems that they did not know how to use it properly.

The SEO Powersuite price depends on the version you purchase. I hope that you will purchase this amazing software after reading this SEO Powersuite review.

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