A Search Engine Optimization Power House – Review of An SEO Tool

Tracking SEO results and developing campaigns can be a tedious process. This is especially true if you lack the proper tools to show you the data you need to make informed decisions. There are tons of SEO tools on the market and it can be hard to know which ones are high quality and which are junk.

SEO Campaign Management

SEO Powersuite is a leading search engine optimization tracking platform built for serious users. It has a full array of tools for the different elements of promoting a site in search. SEO Powersuite includes SEO Spyglass, Link Assistant, Rank Tracker and all the add-ons that go with them. It is an enterprise-class SEO tracking and management solution for the hardcore SEO consultant.


What is SEO Powersuite Professional?

The SEO Powersuite software download is a package of different applications. You can either purchase them separately or as a combined software package. Each software element has its own specialty whether you are doing keyword research, link analysis, or tracking the progress of keywords.

The platform is designed for SEO professionals to be able to mine the data they need to craft successful SEO campaigns. It links up with data sources on the internet including Google, Bing, Yahoo and dozens of other search providers. You will be able to see rankings of keyword phrases in different countries as well as in other languages and on other search engines.

The SEO Powersuite download is free for a trial period and on a limited basis before subscribers need to pay for a license.


Is the SEO Powersuite Any Good?

If you do some searching, you’ll find professionals who have left reviews. The SEO Spyglass review, for example, typically comes from people who use only that software package on a regular basis. The SEO Powersuite review data on the Internet typically refers to people using more than one element of the software package.

Remember to frame reviews based on the person using the software keeping in mind that this is enterprise level software. That means if you see ratings from people who are doing their own SEO and find the tool cumbersome or hard to use, chances are they may not be giving the best advice. Look for reviews from people who have used the software for applications like multiple clients or for major businesses.


How to Use SEO Powersuite

We won’t get into the details here but there is lots of information online for using the Powersuite. The package itself contains resources like an SEO Spyglass tutorial, keyword research tips, and a more general SEO Powersuite tutorial.

How you use the software may also vary slightly depending on if you are using the Mac or Windows version. They aren’t too different but there are some things that either user will not have in common.


What is the SEO Powersuite Price?

You can download SEO Powersuite for free for limited use but you will eventually have to purchase a user license. That download enables you to use the Website Auditor, Spyglass, and other package elements on a trial basis.

After the trial period has ended, the SEO Powersuite software download will vary in price depending on how many users you have, what package you purchase, and what additional features you need. The price can range from $250 to $500 depending on what you need. Remember to check out at least one review before you make your purchase.